Rabu, 16 April 2014

Indonesia won

INDONESIA must be taken care of by the good : clean and competent . Republic was founded by the intrepid : educated people who had finished with him . The effect was devastating .

Bung Karno and his generation made ​​a move countrymen . All were Indonesian has come . All beriuran unconditionally for the sake of an independent and sovereign nation . There are beriuran energy, mind , money , goods , and including their lives . However , independence was not just a matter of rolling up colonialism . Freedom is also about holding prosperity and social justice for all people .

Now to whom this republic would be entrusted to care ? All are elected in the election this year will be on behalf of us all over the next five years . All the words and the deeds done in the name of us all . All local laws and regulations are made will bind us all .

Awakening " wong sane "

Currently there are still many challenges this nation is fundamental , such as food , health , education , employment , transportation , and energy , so - anything party - the same challenges that need to be answered . When the country's biggest obstacle is corruption and corruption is a matter of power upstream , then whatever party will be faced with the same corrupt solid muscle .

This election is not about the color of the party . It's about the problematic and unproblematic . Troubled people in a variety of parties . So is the well spread across all parties . Elections should not be a competition for the problem , the better the opponent the problem . We must ensure that the person selected will be present to take care not to drain the state . This is the fourth election in the democratic era , it was time to be an insane wong resurrection , the resurrection of the net , and so the problem efflux .

Indonesia needs a good guy win . We need a clean and competent people flocked win the election . The main requirements for good people to lose and fallen in elections is either other people just watching and not helping . Ironically , Indonesia is now full of audience : people either want to win in the election , wants to Indonesia so it's better , but just want beriuran hope , wishful beriuran . There is a collective reluctance to get involved , to help .

Reluctance and skepticism that is often based on the view : why should help , after all the good people actually entangled corruption . It's like a dirty shoe business . Why clean the shoes , be defiled yet again . However , if cleaned regularly, properly used , maintained from splashing dirty , the shoes will be safe , be clean . If contaminated , our job is to make sure that the shoes were regularly cleaned .

In this republic , our duty is five years Indonesian caretaker cleaning and filling it with people not problematic . Even if there are affected by the problem , and was sentenced to let us change . Then every 5 years we " tell" the good guys again .

Since when did we become a nation that likes desperate ? Our job is to supply the good continually . We need to maintain stamina , this nation is still very long , and good people in the republic stock is still very much . There's no reason to show off and nglokro complaints .

We are grateful to see there are good people bothered to enter politics . See , popping good people are elected as governors, regents , mayors or members of parliament . The longer the row the name of clean and competent , good people who are called , and willing to lend a hand . However , they all can only win , holding the authority , if good people are willing to get involved and help .

Problems faced , so many good people who are candidates so they tend to be shunned . Moving away from the immediate environment is often precisely . Politics in Indonesia today is very low in value in public . Corruption by politicians has been degrading the meaning of politics and politicians .

Politics and politicians are no longer seen as an arena of struggle and fighters . Political work is seen as a livelihood and everything should dirupiahkan . The candidates were either eroded by the opinion that all the candidates are the same : just looking for the power to drain - not - country to take care of . Well even fewer people willing to lend a hand . The fewer good people who " prepared " the conduct of the accused together with domestic drain .

If good people just want to be a good taxpayer , then who will govern the use of our tax dollars ? Decisions about health , education , housing , and employment , for example , is a political decision . In the public arena looked down , dirty and not worth that decisions about the lives of the people serepublik made ​​. Shall we set aside ?

Are there any good candidates ? Yes , Indonesia still has stock of the good : the clean and competent . However , they can not win , get the name of the authority for us , to represent us , if we all did not assist . Once again , the rampant corruption in politics is not solely due to numerous bad guys , but because good people remain silent , mute , and even away .

This republic is ours all . Not belong to a few people , especially those who are willing to pay anyone to do as they wish . Stop thinking only con . Must be willing to lend a hand ! Not everyone should join a political party , but when the election should never be silent , letting people waltz problematic not challenged , not stopped . At the time of election , must appear collective awareness that this is not a political ceremony , the opportunity to put the country well so administrators .

Help people do not have problems around us are called to come take care of the republic so that they can win . Never be afraid to support . In non - democratic era first , the attitude silence in an election is the attitude of resistance , now silence is acquiescence to the status quo attitude .

New wave revival

Now we are witnessing a new wave of emerging . The new generation is moving and help for believing , ideas , and integrity . Generation is not willing to sell support for the rupiah .

Options to help people both in the election is the choice of history . Today it may seem unpopular , still seems strange if there is a willingness to get involved and help the candidates not problematic.

World moves towards good governance improvements . Corruption can not be lasting , he became increasingly eroded . Imagine someday generation of our children live in a new era and asks : "Dad , Mom , at the time of Indonesian politics was full of corruption , if Mom and Dad come corruption , or silent , or come against ? "

That's when history was find the answer choice : if today you want to do , want to be involved , at least you can answer with pride . " Your father , your mother , do not leave and never become part of what makes this republic porous . At the time the rich pay support , your father , your mother , do not sell support . Father and mother helping good people with no pay . Father and mother -esteem can not dirupiahkan ! "
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Allow our children proud of being conscious that they possess the land which the father and mother come meninggikuatkan . When there is an opportunity to change the face of our own , Indonesia faces us, then we do not just keep quiet . We select participating cleaning Indonesia , make a good person as a fiduciary in our country .


Minggu, 13 April 2014

Observers: Vote Hanura Low, Win-HT Broken

Wiranto and Hary Tanoesoedibjo assessed is building each image after seeing the results obtained Hanura in legislative elections in 2014 based on a quick count . They separate themselves as presidential and vice presidential spouse Hanura .

"I think that the strategy of each personal branding to build the public . With one -on-one ad , the more personal selling , " said political analyst Heri Budianto Kompas.com when contacted on Monday ( 14/04/2014 ) .

It is said when asked for a response Heri emergence Wiranto and Hary Tanoe advertising on television , after the legislative elections . If they appear before pileg both , this time Wiranto and Hary Tanoe appear in a separate ad .

Heri argues , the ad will not affect much to be able to go forward in the upcoming presidential election . With the acquisition of a relatively low sound version Hanura quick count survey agencies , Hanura difficult to carry both in the presidential election .

" In the end Hanura be realistic that both are difficult to carry , " he said .

Heri said the two leaders Hanura it has drawbacks and shortcomings . Wiranto has a military background and administrative experience are qualified . However , steps have always failed every time ahead in the presidential election stage .

Meanwhile , Hary Tanoe , according to Heri , a young man whose thoughts are still fresh . However , experience Tanoe Hary ( HT ) is still weak in terms of governance . " I think HT could be sold as fresh young leaders . Interfaith Voters also might consider him , " Heri said .

Heri rate, legitimate adverts are displayed to shape public opinion against these figures . However , for the value of sales in the coalition , Heri doubt that the move will take effect . " To change the direction of the coalition , I think the weight . Considerations are certainly different parties and the public , " he said .
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According to the results of a quick count , the vote Hanura " only " about 5 percent . To be able to carry the vice - presidential candidate , a political party must be qualified in the Presidential Election Law , which is 20 percent of the House seats , or 25 percent of valid votes nationwide . If not reached , then the parties should form a coalition .


Sabtu, 12 April 2014

How to Easily Create Photo Meme on Android

Do you often use social networking ? If yes , you definitely know the meme . Meme itself is an image with text that is usually used to provide comments on the social networking sistu . The number of applications memes or meme generator maker in the Play Store certainly make users confused . Quiet ! PULSE has prepared tips for you :

1 . Download and Install Free Meme Generator artificial ZOMBODROID .

2 . Meme Generator Open and select the image you want to use as a meme . Meme Generator Free provides more than 500 images are divided into 7 different categories to choose from . All the images can be used directly without having to download it first.
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3 . If you want to create their own memes using " CUSTOM Memes " . To select an image from the gallery please tap the + icon in the corner above . Once you select an image from the gallery , please select resolution image you want to use .

4 . Next enter text above and below the image . You can choose the font is small in size , normal and large .

5 . Then select " MAKE IT " and proceed with the SHARE / SAVE . You can store it for future use or memes instantly share with friends via social networking sites or Bluetooth .


CLA: It might Coalition of Islamic Political Party Candidates stretcher Alone

DPP Chairman of the National Awakening Party ( PKB ) Helmy Faisal Zaini said , communication with Islamic -based political parties have been carried out before the 2014 legislative elections conducted . Format coalition will be discussed more seriously if the acquisition of significant official Islamic political voice .

" Long before the election existing informal communication with friends of the Islamic party caucus . Formats forward to the new coalition will be formulated if there is a significant acquisition , " said Helmy in Jakarta , Saturday ( 12/4 ) .

According to him , there are four parties that could be included in the coalition of Islamic parties . Ie PKB , PAN , PPP , and MCC with a combined vote totals while about 30 percent . However, until now there has been pursed related to who will lead the coalition .

Even so , according to Helmy try CLA realistic look at the time left after pileg to the presidential election . If there is a figure that is brought as a candidate of a coalition of Islamic parties , should be considered elektabilitasnya .

 In addition , the similarity base and vision is not a guarantee of Islamic political parties have in common in the context of coalition reading ahead . However, the CLA will continue to consider within the next 10 days .

" For example, a drastic decline from the current candidate that we think is very strong . Quite possibly , it is still very possible coalition of Islamic parties stretcher own candidate , " said the Minister of Rural Development .
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CBA , he added , if the coalition so done already prepared several names . Like Mahfud MD , Rhoma Irama , until most recently Chairman of PKB , Muhaimin Iskandar .


Rabu, 09 April 2014

Tubsat A2 satellite will be launched mid-2015

After a delay of two years it is planned to artificial micro satellite Institute of Aeronautics and Space Agency ( Lapan ) A2 Tubsat named Satellite to be launched in mid- 2015 .

" The latest news from India plan to shift to a mid-2015 launch , " said Chief Thomas Lapan Jamaladin on Friday .

The completed satellite launch made ​​since 2012 , according to Chief Thomas Jamaladin Lapan , delayed because India had not yet ready menluncurkan satellites .

" Satellites them into a ride A2 ( Tubsat ) has not been completed as well , considering it as a complex solution equatorial orbit , " he said .
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Satellite A2 Tubsat or also called satellite Lapan - A2 in addition to having the ability to monitor the earth's surface through video survailence like the A1 satellite Tubsat predecessor . The micro satellite sensors also added a more sophisticated form of receiver Automatic Identification System ( AIS ) , an amateur radio payload through Posisition Automatic Reporting System ( APRS ) , as well as analog and digital video cameras better .

AIS sensor is used to detect ships passing through the waters once illegal fishing in Indonesian waters .

While the APRS sensor function provides communication facilities for disaster mitigation assistance through text and voice communications via amateur radio . So if the communication is off when a disaster occurs , the data from these satellites provide alternative assistance through amateur radio communications .

Satellites equipped with two video cameras were installed in this satellite has a resolution of 6 m with a high level of outreach each 12 km x 12 km and 3.5 km x 3.5 km . Satellite -dimensional cube with size of 50x47x38 cm and weighing 78 kg will be launched by PSLV - C23 rocket belonging to India .

Tubsat A2 satellite will orbit at an altitude of 650 km with a pattern along the equatorial region of Indonesia that as many as 14 times , so it would be more optimal satellite monitoring of Indonesian waters . ( * )